Scale model of the fishing motor boat from Mar del Plata - Our gift -  
Ferder & Toporovsky is giving a special gift for our selected clients and friends. This present consists in a scale model of a fishing motor boat from Mar del Plata, the famous sea resort situated 400 km south from Buenos Aires.
These boats have originally about 13 meters length and 3,5 meters wide. They are built in wood and they usually have more than 50 years working.
Actually, these boats are equipped with Diesel motors which allow a speed of 11 knots. They also have a crane for lifting the net, satellite navigator and radar.
These boats are continuers of those built by Italian immigrants by the end of the 19th century, similar to those used at the south of Italy, but with the changes due to the strength of the Ocean Atlantic waters, quite different from those of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea.
They are originals from Mar del Plata. This city, actually with more than 1.000.000 inhabitants, which receives more than 2.000.000 tourists in Summer, has a very important fishing port in which, after a fishing labor day, hundreds of these boats are seen, one by the other.
Our scale model has been handmade by the artisan Jorge Oscar Ruiz, who lives in Mar del Plata.
Ferder & Toporovsky

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