Ferder & Toporovsky is a Buenos Aires Maritime Law firm, founded in 1947.

The maritime claim field is our specialization, which we undertake with professional knowledge, absolute responsibility and the large local and international experience of our staff.

We assist international law offices, as well as marine claim management offices with their clients claims, importers, and Insurance Companies in their recoveries, in a “no cure, no pay” basis, in events with connection to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and all the Rio de la Plata area, including the Parana River, Paraguay River, Uruguay River and the respective drainage areas, in any kind of maritime claims and recoveries: losses, particular average of any kind of goods and cargo –including bulk-, general average, collisions, charterparty disputes, etc.

The Argentine Courts in particular have always supported an ample criterion in judgements related to the value of gold in the “Limit of Liability” defence as there is not a fix value of gold established by law. The Hague Rules (Argentina did not ratify the Visby Rules) or the Argentine Law are applied, depending on the circumstances of the particular case: for both the limit of liability is calculated as per the actual international market price of gold in London.

Therefore, in carriage of goods by sea, the limit of liability in may 2006 was in about us$ 15,000 per package or unit of freight for international carriage, and us$ 12,000 for national carriage. This amounts allow claims for an ample and complete indemnification which cannot be obtained in most of the other Jurisdictions.

A claim submitted locally let arrive to the best suitable solution for the particular case, in a shorter time.

Efficiency and Reliability since 1947